Why Choose Saramark?

We redefine modular construction. Using off-site fabrication techniques we assemble pre-engineered panels that are deployed in flexible arrangements with improved fit and finish. This flexibility allows Saramark to adapt a variety of designs to serve any school facility function. Saramark’s system of construction speeds project delivery with cost efficiency and certainty. In fact, in over 13 years on hundreds of projects, none of these facilities have been constructed with a request for a change order.

These facts resonate with district management confronted with the complex burden of school construction. We simplify permanent construction with proven, cost effective techniques.


How to use Saramark solutions?

We evaluate existing plans or needs analyses and adapt planned facilities to our proven method of flexible construction. Saramark’s construction system has been engineered to fit any educational or institutional requirement: classrooms, administration buildings, media centers, even a gymnasium or multi-use building benefit from this proven process.


Is this this a sustainable approach to materials consumption?

Our process is more resource-efficient, inherently greener and responds to increased competition from globalization of materials and markets. Saramark is a Greener building because the structures cut waste in time, materials, energy, skills, and labor. Overall project efficiency and productivity are improved with environmentally sustainable methods. Waste is reduced from 25% to 50% by coordinating labor and by managing, moving, and installing material using pre-determined and prefabricated panels. On site, a reduced level of noise and dust, and project waste results in a cleaner, safer environment. Adverse weather poses less of a problem. Injuries and fatigue are reduced. Cumulatively, this high-efficiency process delivers more sustainable and cost competitive projects.

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