About Saramark, Inc.

Saramark is a terrific choice for school facility construction featuring DSA pre-approval for a variety of campus structures. Using our proven methods districts can streamline the complex task of managing facility growth by:

  • Significantly decreasing the time and expense for facility plan development and approval for any required K-12 school building
  • Decreasing the time and expense for construction with proven, innovative, pre-engineered techniques
  • Providing fixed construction costs. We’ve never requested a change order for projects we’ve designed

Plan Adaptation

Historically, Saramark has offered school districts a unique alternative for facility construction. With our streamlined design process and proven construction techniques, districts can effectively manage and forecast realistic budgets and delivery timing. In terms of cost, our typical installations result in a conservative cost savings 25 to 35% below custom stick-built projects. In these times, districts are faced with a challenge of doing more, but with less every year. Saramark’s unique method of construction and design enables us to modify existing facility plans to take advantage of this system and fast-track facility delivery.


Superior Engineering

We maintain a staff of experienced engineers, designers, draftsmen + long-term relationships with consulting structural, mechanical, electrical engineers.


Financial Stability

Saramark, Inc. is associated with a family of construction companies with over 40 years of operating history, a strong balance sheet and bonding capacity that is second to none.


  • From design to delivery, we can manage cost. We build what we design
  • All Saramark facilities feature permanent, concrete, slab-on-grade foundations supporting a permanent steel frame
  • The Saramark process is highly efficient: resulting in very little waste and a very green building
  • Factory built walls and trusses guarantee a seamless, highly repeatable finish. No “mod-lines” to contend with
  • Flexibility to match existing campus structures
  • Rapid, on-site, permanent assembly
  • 40+ year life cycle
  • Simplified maintenance with industry-standard components and permanent construction


  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Custom molding at doors and windows
  • 4:12 pitched roof
  • Attractive standing seam metal roof with matching gutter and fascia
  • A variety of architectural finishes
  • Solar Photovoltaic ready


Our experience with
  • Over 60 Districts
  • To build over 100 individual schools
  • In 12 Counties
  • Creating more than 1,000,000 ft² of learning environmnents